Migration Guide - Catalog

Upgrading from Version 3.* to Version 4.*

Due to introducing the Suggestion Search feature, the Catalog bundle now requires Search >=5.2.

To upgrade from 3.* to 4.*:

  1. Before upgrading to the new version, make sure that you do not use any deprecated code from version 3.*. Check the description of the deprecated code to see what you will need to use instead.
  2. In the previous version \Spryker\Client\Catalog\CatalogDependencyProvider provided by default a stack of query expander and a stack of result formatter plugins for the \Spryker\Client\Catalog\CatalogClient::catalogSearch() method. In the new version you need to provide the necessary plugins from project level instead in: \Pyz\Client\Catalog\CatalogDependencyProvider.


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