Migration Guide - OMS

Upgrading from version 6.* to version 7.*

In version 7, OMS no longer uses SalesAggregator to calculate totals, it is now done via the Calculator module. Therefore, there is no more dependency with SalesAggregator.

The Spryker\Zed\Oms\Business\Mail\MailHandler dependency to SalesAggregatorFacade was replaced with SalesFacade.

To learn how to migrate to the new structure see, Upgrading from Version 3.* to Version 4.*

Upgrading from version 3.* to version 4.*

With OMS version 4 we added availability integration therefore, a nw database table was created.

CREATE SEQUENCE "spy_oms_product_reservation_pk_seq";

CREATE TABLE "spy_oms_product_reservation"
    "id_oms_product_reservation" INTEGER NOT NULL,
    "sku" VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    "reservation_quantity" INTEGER DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY ("id_oms_product_reservation"),
    CONSTRAINT "spy_oms_product_reservation-sku" UNIQUE ("sku")

New Oms plugin added ReservationHandlerPluginInterface which is executed when item transfer to state with flag reserved.

To start using with core implementation add the Spryker\Zed\Availability\Communication\Plugin\AvailabilityHandlerPlugin to your project OmsDependencyProvider::getReservationHandlerPlugins().