Migration Guide - Touch

Upgrading from Version 3.* to Version 4.*

  1. Update/install spryker/touch to at least 4.0.0 version.
  2. Install the new database columns by running vendor/bin/console propel:diff. Propel should generate a migration file with the changes.
  3. Run vendor/bin/console propel:migrate to apply the database changes.
  4. Generate ORM models by running vendor/bin/console propel:model:build.

    This command will update spy_touch_storage, and spy_touch_search classes to have the newly created fk_store columns and their relations.

  5. Populate fk_store records respectively to spy_touch_storage.key, and spy_touch_search.key.

  6. The following deprecated methods were removed, please check your code if you have custom calls or dependencies:
    • TouchFacadeInterface::bulkTouchActive()
    • TouchFacadeInterface::bulkTouchInactive()
    • TouchFacadeInterface::bulkTouchDeleted()
    • TouchQueryContainerInterface::queryTouchEntries()
    • TouchInterface::bulkUpdateTouchRecords()
    You can find additional details on Touch module release page.
  7. The following methods have internal changes, please check if you have customized them:
    • TouchQueryContainer::queryTouchDeleteStorageAndSearch()
    • TouchRecord::removeTouchEntriesMarkedAsDeleted()
    You can find additional details on Touch module release page.
  8. Note: Module requires PHP 7.1 from now on.
  9. After these steps, your Touch module supports multi-store entities.


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Last review date: Jan. 31st, 2018