Getting Started

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Welcome to the Spryker Commerce OS getting started guide.

We structured this page to be a step-by-step checklist that you will be able to follow you through all the stages of working with Spryker.

Where to from here?

To better understand the Spryker Commerce OS, the next step is to visit our Architecture Overview. If you are familiar with our architecture, try on of these other resources:

  • The development guide where you will find API documentation and instructions describing how to extend Spryker Capabilities.
  • The module guide for an overview of each module and previous versions
  • Tooling guide, how to test code quality, monitoring, logging, deployment and hosting
  • Ecosystem Guide for information about our third party technology partners and how to integrate with them.
  • Advanced development concepts - a deeper look into the Spryker Commerce OS architecture, naming and design concepts
  • Check out our how-tos and tutorials